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BlockBull Review provides information for people who want to invest in and understand the rapidly evolving blockchain space.

Many people believe that fintech and blockchain technology is about to revolutionize banking and other industries. If that is true early investors have an opportunity to make big returns. We have no intention to try and be the judges of whether these statements are true or not. Instead we want to provide useful resources through comparing different products and services available to cryptocurrency investors.

We provide reviews about anything related to bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and fintech and we publish all our content in Swedish and English.

Our main office is in Stockholm (Sweden), but we also have contributing writers in New York. Our writers have 15-20 years of experience in financial investing.

If there is a specific topic you would like us to review, if you have any tips, any comments, areas where you think we can improve, or really anything else you want to say, please drop us an email. We would love to hear from you. info@blockbullreview.com


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The information on this site is for general informational purposes only and is not legal-, ethical-, or financial advice.

We are doing our best to produce high-quality content, but can’t guarantee that the information published is fully updated and that we don’t make mistakes. So, trade wisely and do thorough research before you make an investment decision.

Some of the links on this page are affiliate links which means BlockBull Review gets a small reward for purchases made through those links, to no extra cost for you. Our team works very hard to collect and analyze information in order to produce well-researched reviews. The affiliate links enable us to cover our costs so that we can keep producing content for our readers. Our top priority is to produce helpful information for good investment decisions.

BlockBull Review is not responsible for content that is linked to or from our website and does not guarantee that those websites comply with laws, regulations and relevant practices. We don’t test each service or product referred to on our site, but we always conduct thorough research and only make positive comments that are backed by our research.

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We have included a live chat function so that BlockBull Review’s readers, who are interested in the same subjects, can exchange even more thoughts, information and experiences with each other. In this way we hope to facilitate our readers’ continuous learning, so please keep the discussion topics related to fintech investing.

BlockBull Review is not responsible for what is said in the chat forum, the people posting there are. However, we will restrict accounts/persons who are derogatory or offensive to anyone in the forum. Please remember that one needs to be extra careful when writing (as supposed to speaking) because misunderstandings are more likely. We all have different opinions on things which is good and makes for interesting conversations and is not reason to be mean to others by making derogatory or offensive comments.

Although BlockBull Review is not able to check what is said in the forum 24/7/365, we do check regularly. If you feel that someone is or has been offensive, derogatory or otherwise inappropriate, please notify us at info@blockbullreview.com.

Enjoy the chat! (And be sure that we will enjoy reading it and occasionally jump into the discussions.)

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