Chat Rules

We have included a live chat function so that BlockBull Review’s readers, who are interested in the same subjects, can exchange even more thoughts, information and experiences with each other. In this way we hope to facilitate our readers’ continuous learning, so please keep the discussion topics related to fintech investing.

BlockBull Review is not responsible for what is said in the chat forum, the people posting there are. However, we will restrict accounts/persons who are derogatory or offensive to anyone in the forum. Please remember that one needs to be extra careful when writing (as supposed to speaking) because misunderstandings are more likely. We all have different opinions on things which is good and makes for interesting conversations and is not reason to be mean to others by making derogatory or offensive comments.

Although BlockBull Review is not able to check what is said in the forum 24/7/365, we do check regularly. If you feel that someone is or has been offensive, derogatory or otherwise inappropriate, please notify us at

Enjoy the chat! (And be sure that we will enjoy reading it and occasionally jump into the discussions.)

/The BlockBull Review team